My healthy lifestyle journey began when I moved to the United States. In a new country, I started experimenting with my nutrition, became familiar with Ayurveda, and started regularly practicing yoga. My goal was to completely abandon diets and create a new healthy lifestyle where good health, an abundance of energy, and joy were essential elements of every day. At the same time, I always tried to find my personal balance, because, in my opinion, a healthy lifestyle should not lead to extremes, become a source of anxiety, or deprive common sense. A balanced life for me includes green juices and salads, as well as champagne with friends, and joyful family dinners.

After I started experiencing significant improvements in my wellbeing, appearance and even in my thoughts, I decided to create LemonSqueezy.life. I wanted this blog to be an inspirational platform, where my friends could find simple healthy recipes and personal tips on an easy approach to a healthy lifestyle. Soon enough, I realized that I wanted to understand the impact of proper nutrition on health at a deeper level. This was the starting point in my desire to go back to school and start studying dietology.


This blog is about healthy food and lifestyle with a sparkly dash of self-development.

There are no secrets about my nutrition philosophy  — it is all about simple, mostly plant-based whole foods. My focus is choosing foods closest to nature, having flexibility, and savor every bite of it. I love living and enjoying a lifestyle rather than focusing on confusing nutrition dogmas.

Thanks for being here! ♡






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