“They are family. His name is Marty. Her name is Zhenya. He is a passionate golfer born in St. Louis. She is an artsy girl from Siberia who is on her way to become a dietitian. They live in windy and beautiful Chicago.

She is a recipe developer and inspirational content creator. He is the best recipe taster around and the editor of her texts. They both love green juice as well as good chocolate and mmm…frozen dates stuffed with peanut butter.”

Well, this is already a good description of us.  But we would like to share with you more!

We are curious about life and don’t believe in restrictions and fancy labels. We believe in wholesome ingredients, balance, and wisdom of our bodies. Easy plant-powered food makes us feel great and gives us the energy to live joyful and productive lives.

You will find mostly vegetarian, sometimes vegan and gluten-free recipes on this blog not because we are following a diet, but because we simply enjoy eating and cooking this way. We love making food everyone can enjoy. We share our favorite wellness and personal growth related books, quotes, travel ideas, and other life hacks about lifestyle which is better for you and the environment.

Our purpose is to show that healthy eating and living is easy!

Welcome to our Lemon Squeezy life!


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