Favorite Book. Wellth by Jason Wachob

Reading is an important part of our lives. We truly believe that no matter how busy our schedule looks, we all need books…as many as possible. It is knowledge, inspiration, wisdom and power.

Here we are going to share our favorite wellness, inspiration and personal growth related books.

The first book is “Wellth” by Jason Wachob, founder of MindBodyGreen.com. I found it while I was reading his interview and saw his definition of happy life. He said, “The good life is no longer just about the material — instead, it can be found in a lifestyle that is devoted to mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health…A wellthy existence is one in which happiness is attainable, health is paramount, and daily living is about abundance. It’s a life in which work is purposeful; friendships are deep and plentiful; and there’s a daily sense of richness or overflowing joy. You can’t be wellthy if your relationships are in ruin — those with others as well as the closest relationship you’ll ever have: your relationship to yourself.” It hooked me, it resonated with my inner understanding of life, and I decided to read his book.

I will recommend it to everyone who is trying to live a healthier life. This reading is easy. The language is simple, but the ideas are deep and inspirational.

Jason Wachob states that for living the best life every person needs 13 main things, to eat, move, work, believe, explore, breathe, feel, love, heal, thank, ground, live and laugh.

Writing a summary of this book was not my purpose; and today I want to focus on his ideas about healthy eating.


“When it comes to diets I have tried them all. Every diet book you’ll read promises benefits like weight loss, increased energy, glowing skin, better sex, and increased productivity and focus; but I believe that one-size-fits-all approaches are all wrong. Yet I think there are a few universal truths.”

Personal prescription

“To be truly wellthy is to find your personal prescription — to discover what works for you, what feels good, what you love. That process of discovery never ends.”

“Keep it simple. Try to avoid gluten, sugar, and processed foods whenever is possible. If it is in a box and has a label, then try not to make a habit of buying it.”

“Eat real food. Mostly shop the perimeter of the grocery store, and buy fresh vegetables and fruits. If you are buying red meat, then make sure it is grass-fed or at least antibiotic and hormone free. And if you are buying fish, make sure it is wild.”

Do not get crazy

“Being obsessive about diet can be stressful and can bring on orthorexia – an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating. So aim to be balanced in your eating, as well as in your life.”


“I choose to be mindful; that’s my lifestyle when it comes to food. I want to know where my food comes from. I want to know if it was sprayed with chemicals or if any antibiotics were used on it. I want to know if it contains  sugar or gluten. I want to know if it was processed. And even though this is a tall order, I’d also like to know if the people who picked, harvested, and produced this food were paid fair wages.”

“Whatever you choose to eat, be mindful about it, so you can fully enjoy your choices.”

“Life — and junk food — happens… How do I balance eating the occasional doughnut while at the same time believing that sugar is terrible? The key word in that last sentence is balance“. Sugar should be a treat, not a habit.”

It was just a little part about healthy eating. In this book Jason Wachob shares many great stories from his life, tips on healthy living and truly inspires readers to make better changes.

If you are interested in this book, check the link below

Wish you love and mindfulness. Good luck!