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Inspiration can not come from nowhere, right? Especially when it relates to healthy lifestyle. For me, other people who live their mindful, wholesome lives are a true source of inspirational vibes.What do they do to stay happy and balanced, glowing and energized? I believe that quotes from interviews with such people will inspire others (me included) to live most productive, healthy lives.


Today I want to share with you my latest inspiration — book Nutrition Stripped by McKel Hill. The author is an incredible woman, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Coach, and Founder of inspirational project Nutrition Stripped. Her “philosophy about living whole and eating well extends far beyond that of eating or dieting has everything to do with the entire framework of the lifestyle and well-being. It’s about cultivating balance, happiness, and inner strength; managing stress; nourishing relationships; engaging in supportive communities; and taking care of your your body as well as your mental, emotional, spiritual body.

This book became a pure inspiration for me in October 2017. I want to highlight that this cook book is a great fit not only for people who are following vegetarian, vegan or plant-based diet; it is great for anyone who wants to live healthier life. There are some tips on healthy eating, mindful living, and, of course, many wholesome easy plant-based recipes.

It’s time to share some of my favorite quotes 🙂

Core Principles of Nutrition Stripped Food Philosophy

Get back to basics

“Be a hunter, forager, and gatherer in the twenty-first century. Support local food, farmers, and artisans. As much as possible foods that are organic. Opt for real whole foods that you can trace back to the source.”

Consume more plants

“Scientific research has clearly shown the many health benefits of eating a diet high in plant foods from the earth: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, pseudo grains, legumes and beans. We don’t need science to tell us how good eating plants makes us feel, try it for yourself and befriend these powerhouses of nutrition!”

Know your farmer

“If you consume animal proteins in your diet; make sure they have be humanely raised and have been fed their natural diets. You should be able to trace your food back to the source of where they were raised, fed, and how they existed. The well-being of animals we consume matters. As Michael Pollan said best, “You are what you eat eats”.”

Watch for the real deal

“If you read a food ingredient listed on a package that you wouldn’t be able to find in your grandma’s pantry, just walk away and look for the real deal. Always look for ways to make it at home from whole foods.”

Practice mindfulness

“Nutrition isn’t all about counting calories, grams of fat or fiber, nor is eating only for the purpose of sustenance. Food plays many roles in our social, mental, emotional, cultural, and physical aspects of our lives. We should respect all the ways food is involved in our lives. We all, myself included, should start taking a little more time enjoying and more time “freeing” our brains from the mathematics of food, diet fads, and nutritional dogmas.”

Be flexible

“This is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle, and life is full of external circumstances and changes; it ebbs and flows… It’s okay to dine out and indulge every now and then. As long as the majority of your food intake nourishes you, make a little room for dining out with zero guilt.”

How it looks in real life?

Eat mostly plants: “if you look at your plate or bowl, let vegetables make up about 75% of your plate.”

Eat colorfully: “consume a wide variety of colors from fruits and vegetables. More colors = more antioxidants and a larger spectrum of nutrients.”

Eat the right fats: “Include nuts such as almonds or walnuts, seeds such as chia or hemp, coconut oil, avocado, salmon or other omega-3 rich foods, etc. at every meal. Avoid vegetable oils and of course trans/hydrogenated oils.”

Eat animal proteins mindfully: “since vegetables fill up your plate, use animal proteins as a “side” and always consume ethically raised and treated animals.”

Add boosters: “you don’t have to use “superfoods”, but these nutrient dense foods pack a punch for their small volume. Try maca, bee pollen, goji berries, cacao nibs, and medicinal mushrooms to fight inflammation, or check out your spice cabinet for cinnamon, ginger, garlic, and turmeric.”

Limit or avoid dairy, gluten: “especially and only if you’re sensitive. If you do consume dairy, go organic. Otherwise explore the world of nut and seed milks – the possibilities are endless (and delicious!). Explore gluten free grains such as quinoa, millet, amaranth, or starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes or other tubers.”

Limit or avoid sugars: “processed and refined sugars of any kind and be moderate with the use of natural sugars such as those found in fruit, maple syrup, honey, dates, etc.”

Focus on balance: “balance each meal with plenty of fibrous vegetables, healthful fats, proteins, and carbohydrates like gluten free grains, legumes, starchy vegetables.”

The Balancing Pillars of Living Whole

from Nutrition Stripped

  1. Sleep. “Yeah, yeah, we all know it 😉 Sleeping is important, especially for regulating hunger and stress… Aim for 7-9 hours”.
  2. Be present. “Meditation is ultimate tool. Take the time to create mental space using meditation which allows your mind to refocus, reenergize, cultivate happiness…”
  3. Get organized. “Finding organization in your life is helpful to managing your time and prioritizing your health, social life, career, and everything else that calls to us during the day.” 
  4. Reality over Social media. “Let’s face it, social media can be a huge distraction from whats real and truly important at the end of the day… Set your boundaries and be intentional about the information you allow to soak into your mind and subconscious — surround yourself with positive, authentic, truthful, and inspiring content.”
  5. Establish morning routine. “Create morning routine that allows you to start your day as centered as possible… Too often we immediately start looking at social media and putting “junk” in our minds; start by doing activities that refuel you on all levels.”
  6. Eat balanced. “Start with a plate of greens or vegetables, and then add a protein (either from plants or a humanly raised animal), healthful fats, and a fiber-rich carbohydrate for balance.”
  7. Move and sweat. “Moving your body is far more than working out consistently — it’s also about moving throughout the day. it is good for our lymphatic system which is important for clearing the body…”
  8. Enjoy fresh air and nature. “There is nothing better for your health than grounding to nature, breathing in fresh air, and feeling warm sunshine. Make the time to spend at least thirty minutes outside every day”. 
  9. Love thyself. “That’s right. Loving yourself for who you are at the most authentic self is the first step in sharing your passions with world and loving others. How would you speak to your six-year-old self? Do that!”
  10. Give good energy. “I am a big believer in the energy you put out in the world; your attitude, service, words, and actions can directly impact other areas of your life. A simple act of kindness or practicing gratitude and humanity can be where it all starts.”

More inspiration and healthy recipes you can find on the McKel Hill’s blog and in her book Nutrition Stripped.



Zhenya x

*Photo of McKel Hill from MindBodyGreen.com

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