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Hey hey. Every day I feel how beautiful fall is getting closer and closer to Chicago. By the way, fall season here is incredible – warm, colorful, fresh. It is definitely time to be outside, walk and enjoy the weather.  Today I am going to share our favorite places and things to do to relax and get inspired.

The list includes 12 places and will be pretty brief, with only a few comments. If you need more information feel free to reach us via comments below.

Six Places

For Extra Dose Of Inspiration


Art Institute of Chicago

Beautiful, Classic, Inspirational.

*Check out the current Paul Gauguin exhibition which runs till the end of September and don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful gardens around the building.


Contemporary Art Museum

Creative, Bright, Sometimes Shocking

*Check the current Takashi Murakami exhibition which runs until the end of September. Make sure to visit this museum on Tuesday, there is a beautiful jazz on the terrace at 5:30 pm, Tuesday is a free admission for IL residents as well.


Museum Of Contemporary Photography

Realistic, Modern, Free!


French Cafe Pierrot Gourmet

Delicious, Fragrant, French


Boat Tour

Romanic, Fresh, Memorable.

*Architectural tour is very informative, great pick if you want to know more about history of the city. Sunset tour is relaxing and beautiful. A wonderful place for a date 😉


Music Festival at Millennium Park

Great music, Incredible view, Perfect night for a little picnic under the stars.

Six Places

For Extra Dose Of Relaxation


Botanical Gardens

Fresh, Happy Place

*Don’t miss the rose garden. An absolutely amazing place!


Lincoln Park Zoo

Fun, Noisy, Colorful



Quiet, Romantic, Perfect for picnic

*Belmont,  and Rosewood are our favorites


Movies in the Parks

Social, Fun, Recharging, Great spot for a little picnic night


Theater in the Park

Emotional, Poetic, Talanted


Golf Course

Green, Fresh, Inspirational.

Do you have your favorite spots in Chicago? Please, let us know by leaving a comment below. We really appreciate it!






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