Inspiration of the month. June

Inspiration gives me a lot. It is a power to create, write and live. I need it every day, literally. I can find it in conversations with friends, great speeches, books, movies or sharp quotes of the greatest people. Sometimes the best minds in the world are much closer than we can imagine. I love to use technology wisely, because it is a great source of knowledge; it can enrich and inspire us.

In the inspiration of June Robert Waldinger’s speech about happy life,  Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard commencement speech 2017 about importance of creating a purpose and fragment from my favorite J. Salinger’s book about a real ego and hobbies.


What is the most important element of life-long happiness? Why the quality of social connections is more important than number of them. And why we need to replace screen time to people time more often. All answers based on 75 year long Harvard university research are in this little TED talk by Robert Waldinger.  Yes, sometimes even obvious things need to be repeated so that we do not forget about them 😉


Why it is important to take risks and go into a new direction…even when people around say that you are crazy. Why creating a purpose is a mission of our generation. And why we need to donate at least a little bit of our time to help people around us.


Third one is  a quote by my favorite writer J. D.  Salinger.

Why we need to pay close attention to our hobbies. What if they are more than just hobbies? In the fragment below Salinger answers the question why person who found a real ego should not have time for hobbies.

“Take your Professor Tupper. From what you say about him, anyway, I’d lay almost any odds that this thing he’s using, the thing you think is his ego, isn’t his ego at all but some other, much dirtier, much less basic faculty. My God, you’ve been around schools long enough to know the score. Scratch an incompetent schoolteacher — or, for that matter, college professor — and half the time you find a displaced first-class automobile mechanic or a goddam stonemason. Take LeSage, for instance — my friend, my employer, my Rose of Madison Avenue. You think it was his ego that got him into television? Like hell it was! He has no ego any more — if ever he had one. He’s split it up into hobbbies. He has at least three hobbies that I know of — and they all have to do with a big, ten-thousand-dollar workroom in his basement, full of power tools an vises and God knows what else. Nobody who’s really using his ego, his real ego, has any time for any goddam hobbies.” (Fragment from “Franny and Zooey”)

Inspiration for all of you and have a great day!