Lemon Squeeze Water

It is well-known the way you start morning really affects your entire day. After I read many books about wellness written by different, but absolutely amazing people and at the same time doing experiments with my own body, I finally found best way to start my day. There are a few basic elements such as  smiling,  drinking lemon water and doing yoga or any other physical activity. Sometimes those elements can be joined by a few minutes of meditation. It is my personal formula that works. If you ask me do I really repeat it every single day, I will be honest..no. Life is life and sometimes we have appointments at 6 am, exams at school or simply do not feel good. But I know that after you find your best morning routine you will go back to it because you really feel awesome.

Well, today I did not really want to describe my morning in details.  What I really want is to share with you our let’s call it Lemon Squeezy Water Recipe. We started drinking lemon water about 2 years ago, and now, as experienced drinkers, we would recommend it to everyone. It has so many health benefits to include boosting immune system, maintaining healthy weight, balances pH and so on. It is a great simple step to become a healthier version of you.

Two years ago our lemon water recipe included only two ingredients. It is really tough to guess which ones). But later, while I was obsessed with gathering knowledge about wellness, our recipe was developed in a new version. Now it has a few more ingredients, but the health impact of it is really invaluable.

And here it is…


(for 2 16 ounce glasses)

2 small organic lemons (or 1 big lemon)

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper (1/2 tsp to kick it up a notch)

2 inches of organic ginger

1 shot of apple sider vinegar (if you like it add more)

2 tsp raw organic honey

Hot water


Take two lemons, cut them in half, squeeze them into a glass. Add to the juice cayenne pepper. Then take a piece of ginger and shred it. We use a small shredder on a grater box, of course, watch your fingers).

Now half of the mixture pour into the other glass. Then add hot water in the both glasses. Now split a shot of apple sider vinegar between two glasses . Then add honey to taste. I prefer 1 teaspoon when my husband likes to add 1-1,5 table spoon of honey. The secret is simple,  you can always add more honey.

Stir it up and enjoy. Add a little bit of cold water if it is too hot for you.

Remember that everything good is simple. By doing this easy thing every day soon you will feel absolutely different. It is like golf. Once you changed the angle of the ball just a little bit, the flight path will change very much.


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