New York, New York!

Hi everyone!

We came back from New York just a week ago and have something to tell you.

Let’s start from the beginning.

New York is an amazing city. City of different, very different people, and of course, it is the city of stars. I love the atmosphere there. It is so unique. When I am Downtown Chicago I don’t  feel the same as I feel on Manhattan. I am not sure if I am ready to live there all the time, but I am really enjoying every contact with this city so far. Just a couple of words can describe it… progressive and incredibly inspirational. Well, It looks like there are four words actually).

We lived as a real New Yorkers in a tiny apartment on Manhattan for 5 days. Thanks AirBnB! We had a little efficiency kitchen, where we cooked sometimes and a beautiful terrace – almost the same size as whole apartment. We spent lots of time outside because the weather in the middle of April was fantastic. We enjoyed the sun, Central Park and arts, all kinds of art – from legendary Met Museum to not less legendary Met Opera. We were even going to find that little “Central Perk” cafe from “Friends”, but as it turned out, it had never been a real place).

Well, in this post I want to share with you our favorite places.

We stayed really close to one vegan restaurant named Candle 79 The experience there was so good that we could stick with that place for all 5 days. We found there fresh organic juices, smoothies and wonderful, nourishing meals. My not vegetarian husband was 100% satisfied with the menu. The absolute favorite of the week was a chickpea flour vegetable crepe. Really really good. Everything we tried was great and delicious. We will definitely be back.









Another wonderful spot was Organic avenue. Minimalistic interior, great choice and beautiful philosophy of the founder. You can refresh yourself with green and not just green juices, smoothies, healthy snacks, and tons of inspiration and positive vibes. We loved it!

We figured that while traveling, literally everything depends on our mood and lifestyle. So, our advice for a great trip is try to be mindful about your food choices, stay active, be positive and curious, and everything will be amazing! 

Everyone is different and we understand it well. One person plans everything and buying concert tickets a year before the trip, another one will simply play everything by ear and be happy. So funny, but our couple is a clear combination of it. After a great trip we are ready to share more highlights.

Favorite places in New York 2017

  1. Metropolitan Art Museum. Recharging. Beautiful. Deep.
  2. Metropolitan Opera. Classical. Elegant. Sparkling.
  3. Metropolitan Opera backstage tour. Cool. Educational. Inspirational.
  4. Central Park. Fresh. Green. Playful.
  5. Bethesda Terrace. Beautiful. Sunny. Colorful.
  6. Candle 79. Delicious. Vegan. Friendly.
  7. MoMA. New. Bright. Stylish.
  8. Oren’s Daily Roast. Cozy. Local. Delicious.
  9. Columbia University GS. Old, Legendary. Great.
  10. 9/11 Memorial. Thoughtful. Sad. Memorable.
  11. Streets on Manhattan. Busy. Mosaic. Interesting.

We will be definitely back to New York, there are so many places we haven’t seen yet. Maybe see you there?)

We will be really happy if somebody finds our little a bit impressionistic post interesting and useful.

Wish you the best! 😉

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