Simple Steps to Eat Healthier

My husband, at a certain period of his life, just stopped eating at fast food restaurants, then replaced refined foods in favor of whole. However, my path was more thorny.
I remember when I was ready for some changes, but I was lost in the vast flow of information and facts, often contradicting each other.
I tried dieting and made mistakes, I threw out everything and started again. I kept looking… The more I listened to myself, my body, the closer I got to the truth. The truth is about our bio-individuality. Sometimes, blindly following other people’s advice in diet, while not listening to your body, can be a big mistake.
A balanced relationship with food starts with the practice of self-awareness, love for yourself and acceptance of your body. I know that there are a considerable number of people looking for their balance. In this post, I listed the most critical steps on the road to healthy eating. This is precisely what I was looking for at the beginning of my journey.


Right Start

Drinking warm water with some lemon after awakening was the very first step for me on the way to nutrition change. Partly because of this, our blog has name Lemon water not only awakens the body but serves as good support for the immune system and strengthens digestion. Proper metabolism is essential, starting in the morning. Then there will be a lot of energy and positive mood.
Just squeeze the juice of half of a lemon in warm water. You can start with a quarter of a lemon and also add a little honey.


Whole > Refined

In fact, almost every processed product has a great and nutritious replacement. So instead of white refined sugar use coconut sugar, honey, dates or maple syrup. Instead of white wheat flour, you can use whole grains, rye or oatmeal, try to experiment with gluten-free options such as almond, buckwheat, coconut, brown rice, millet flours and so on. I have shared so many GF recipes on the blog.
For healthy fats use organic coconut, olive, or avocado oil. Ghee can be a delicious and flavourful option too!
Instead of table salt, use sea or pink Himalayan. Instead of white bread, it is better to give preference to whole grain bread, rye or any other that does not contain white flour. We also love seed crackers!


Make Vegetables and Greens Your Best Friends

Goji berries, spirulina and bee pollen, are all undoubtedly at the peak of popularity and are called superfoods. There is no doubt; they are insanely healthy and decently expensive. Sometimes it seems that without them it is impossible to be healthy, cheerful and in great shape. This indeed is not true! In my opinion, vegetables and greens are real superfoods! Spinach, parsley, kale and other greens, as well as starchy and non-starchy vegetables, are rich in fiber, vitally essential vitamins, and micronutrients that they can rightfully stand alongside the recognized superfoods. Fresh vegetables improve digestion, have almost no or little calories and energizing.

Vegetable juices, smoothies, soups, stewed vegetables, stir-fries or vegetable salads, there are so many ideas on how to include more vegetables in your diet.


Time Between Dinner and Breakfast

I do not believe in rules like “do not eat after 6” and the like. According to Ayurveda, our body needs 12 hours for complete purification. I usually stick to this rule. If I got a late dinner, then breakfast will be just as late. This allows our body to clean and restart entirely.


More Water, Please!

Drinking enough of water is the easiest way to improve the condition of the skin and normalize the metabolism. As is known, our body consists of 70% water. Orientation can serve as a standard eight glasses of water a day or half of your body weight in ounces, not counting drinks with caffeine. To train yourself to drink water is one of the most useful habits that we can work out for ourselves. First, you need to try to keep a bottle of water in a prominent place to remind yourself of the water. It is also fun to play with water flavors! Add to your water some berries, mint leaves, lime or cucumber rings.


Balancing Each Meal

The perfect bowl meal is a beautiful balance of healthy fats, protein, greens, other vegetables (besides greens), and carbohydrates or starchy vegetables.
It is critical to understand that many foods belong to several groups, so, quinoa = carbohydrates + protein, nuts = fat + protein, beans = carbohydrates + protein. For example, a spinach salad with cucumber, avocado, chickpeas, and nuts can be a good option for lunch.
*I’m personally not a supporter of combining meat/fish and grains in one meal; eggs are excellent. If you eat animal foods, in my opinion, it is best to combine them with vegetables. At least if at the moment you have a goal to feel lighter.
Combinations of products should also not become a dogma, which can not be abandoned. The main thing is not to go to extremes and listen to your body.


Do not panic! Do not compare!

It is necessary to realize that changes in nutrition are an extremely gradual process. Please, do not try to lose weight in one week, even if your girlfriend did it. It takes some time to change our habits. The optimal goal should be to reorganize into a new way of life, with an abundance of whole foods, joyful physical activity, and an optimistic attitude. This will be a much more valuable investment in the future.

Age, gender, lifestyle, activity level, injuries, disease states, genetics, we are all different. That means, changing nutrition might occur differently for everyone. Probably many of us have a friend who can eat anything in any quantities and stay skinny mini ;). So do not compare yourself to anyone, it’s a waste of time. There is no secret that it helps in many spheres of life besides nutrition.


I hope this post will be helpful! If you have any additional questions or comments, please contact me. I will be happy to chat 😉

Love, Zhenya


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