Things I’ve learned in 25 years

On my birthday, I wanted to share the observations I had accumulated for 25 years of my life, but my day just rushed by as a series of entirely incredible and unplanned events. Today, two days later, I am finally sharing a post about things I’ve learned and which make me happier.

You should not be a perfectionist all the time

Maybe it is useful to strive for excellence while you are in school when the process of character and work ethic formation is still going on. In adult life, it is essential to be able to drown in yourself this very perfectionism. It can easily cause personal destruction and become the reason for disappointment. Balance in life is most important. Don’t let an unfinished to-do list, a missed workout, or a suddenly eaten cupcake cause frustration. These imperfections are essential elements of real balance and beauty of life.


Sincerity, a good sense of humor and the ability to see good in any situation

Those qualities make me fall in love with people at lightning speed. Surrounded by such people, I want to create and change the world for the better. This is the person I want to be! As Audrey Hepburn once said, beautiful are those eyes that see the beauty in others.


The best day

It’s a day in nature with my close people, without social media and the Internet.



Quality that saves me from turning into an overly serious person.

Laugh at yourself, don’t take offense at someone’s sarcastic joke and embrace your imperfections, drowning out the grouchy inner critic. By the way, taking acting classes is my favorite, and perhaps, the most effective tool for practicing self-irony and awakening in yourself a child, open to the world and ready for an adventure!


If, after numerous efforts, something still fails, you need to let go


Perhaps, as long as you waste your energy and trying to go ahead, you do not notice another, more suitable, already opened door. Magic happens when we give ourselves to the flow of life without effort, with the acceptance and gratitude for our gifts.

Once I was frustrated that I did not have a body of a supermodel, nor the talent to be a professional musician, an Olympic athlete or a mathematician. All this was due to a misunderstanding of my identity. You can not judge fish by the ability to climb trees. As soon as I stopped stigmatizing myself, I realized that I already had everything essential for happiness. Then everything fell into place, and I found my path in life. It also applies to the personal relationships.


The most important element in business is people around you

In my opinion, it makes no sense to create a business only for the sake of financial gain; first, you need to ask a question, how I can help people? You need to be ready to improve lives, be open to others.


There is no such thing as “reading too many books”

Books are the best teachers, through which we can hear the thoughts of great classics from different centuries and cultures. By reading, we can also follow the thinking process of talented people, experts in their fields, sometimes living on other continents and speaking other languages. Reading books every day, putting it in priority and bringing up the vital need for it — that is what I’m continually working on.


The ability to forgive and not condemn others —

Important to learn to live smoothly and harmoniously. Over the years, grievances turn into a burden that pulls us back and moreover, can manifest at the physical level in the form of a disease. Being able to let go is essential.



Just do it. It’s much easier than many people think.


The best moment to start something meaningful is here and now

It seems that careful thinking, preparing and waiting for the ideal moment is great, but it can also take years or even destroy the desire to do anything. The most critical thus tricky thing is to begin.


About the comparison…

Learn not to compare yourself to others. There are always people who are more and less successful than we are. It’s their way. Everyone has different starting positions, so the fairest comparison is comparing yourself in the past to yourself in the present. If today you are better than yesterday – this is progress worthy of respect.



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