Chocolate Banana Donuts

Hi! Today I have a great idea for this weekend. Let’s make donuts! It will take less than 30 minutes, I promise!

I was never really obsessed with eating donuts,  until… I found a cute mini donut pan. It grabbed all my attention, and I needed to figure out the best donut recipe as soon as possible. Viola, here it is!

These donuts are vegan, gluten free, refine sugar free and important to notice they are super yummy! What else do you need for a perfect donut recipe?:) Oh yeah, one more cool thing about these donuts is an opportunity to experiment with the glaze. Dark chocolate? Anyone? Coconut and dark chocolate? Sea salt, coconut and dark chocolate? You understand the logic). Feel free to find your perfect combination.

Chocolate Banana Donuts

about 16 mini and 12 regular size donuts


  • 1 cup oat flour (make own flour by grinding organic oats in a powerful blender)
  • 1 cup quinoa flour (buckwheat flour)
  • 1/4 maple syrup (1/3 cup coconut sugar)
  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tbsp apple sider vinegar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)

For the Glaze:

  • 70 g. 70% dark chocolate
  • 2-3 tbsp coconut flakes (lemon, orange zest, pieces of nuts)


  • Preheat the oven to 390 degrees F/ 200 degrees C
  • Process the bananas, milk, maple syrup, soda and vinegar in a blender, then pour the mixture into a mixing bowl.
  • Add flours into the mixture and stir everything well until combined.
  • Fill each pan cavity about 3/4 full
  • Bake for about 15-17 minutes until the donuts are golden brown.
  • Remove from the oven and let them cool. Place them on a wire rack to cool completely.
  • Melt chocolate on a double boiler. Using a spoon pour chocolate on each donut as beautifully as you want, then sprinkle some coconut flakes.

Mmmm…beautiful breakfast, healthy treat and a super delicious snack is ready!

Enjoy and have an amazing weekend 😉




Did you make this recipe?

Please, let us know how it turned out!

Leave a comment below or share a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #lemonsqueezylife

Thank you so much for your time!








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